Project Description
Minemapper is an interactive, dynamic mapper for Minecraft. It uses mcmap to generate small map image tiles, then lets you pan and zoom around, quickly generating new tiles as needed.


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Requires the Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Client Profile

Just download, unzip, and run Minemapper.exe.

I was inspired by the work of Donkey Kong on MCMap Live, but since I don't have a mac, I set out to create a similar app for Windows.

Minemapper uses the excellent mcmap command-line mapping tool created by Zahl.

I've added support for Minecraft Biome Extractor, created by Donkey Kong to show biome colors.

Many thanks to these guys for all of their hard work!

Minemapper determines the total map size, then quickly generate virtual tiles for the entire map. Then, in the background, it uses mcmap to generate small map tile images, loading them in on the fly, similar to Google Maps.

You can pan by dragging with the mouse, and zoom by using the mouse wheel. You can also zoom to selection by holding Ctrl and dragging a rectangle.

I've also added rudimentary support for the height slicing that mcmap provides. It's slow the first time you adjust the height for a tile, but after that the image is cached and you can just hold down the buttons to increase or decrease height and it will go extremely quickly.

Here's a video that demos most of the features:

Let me know what you think, or if you have any problems.

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